International Society of Chinese Language Pedagogy(ISCLP), funded in Hong Kong , is an authoritative international academic institute for Chinese language education, with 4 branches: North America, Australia, Europe and Asia,3 professional committees: Language testing professional committee, Second language acquisition professional committee and Textbook professional committee. Here gather above 100 the most authoritative experts in the realm of Chinese language education and the members all over the world. The aim of society is promoting the international exchange and cooperation of theoretical research and practice in teaching Chinese as a second language; promoting the exchange and corporation of all kinds of Chinese teaching and research institutes, NGOs, Chinese teachers and research fellows all over the world; pushing forward the language and culture multiformity of mankind.  ISCLP is  looking for more partnership with universities, language training schools and relative NGOs around the world in promoting teaching Chinese as a second language.
Teachers Training
Courses Introduction
吕叔湘《现代汉语八百词》 《精选英汉汉英词典》第三版
刘珣《新实用汉语课本》 赵金铭《对外汉语教学概论》
《新华字典》第十版(双色本) 马志伟《应用汉语词典》(大字本)
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